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Blackberry Crumble September 10, 2008

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This was made with Gluten Free flour (which tasted like wallpaper but it was still OK other than that!)


Autumn: Blackberry Fool September 9, 2008

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(makes a change from Crumble doesn’t it?)


1 vanilla pod, cut in half lenghtways and seeds discarded

juice and peel of 1 lemon

500g/1lb 2 oz fresh blackberries, rinsed


150g/3oz caster sugar


500ml/18fl oz whipping cream

2-3 drops vanilla essence

Extra blackberries to decorate

Place the vanilla pod into a pan with the lemon juice and peeol, the blackberries and 130g/43/4 oz of the caster sugar. COver with a tight fitting lid and simmer for 7-8mins until the blackberries start to breakdown. With the lid still on leave to cool. Remove and discard the lemon peel.


Whisk the whipping cream with 2-3 drops of vanilla essense and the remaining sugar until semi-whipped.


Transfer the cooled blackberry compote into a large mixing bowl then carefully fold in the cream in 3 lots using a spatula. You may want to tase themixture before adding all the cream. Spoon into tall sundae glasses and served with a blackberry.


Oreos are in Town May 15, 2008

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There’s a bit marketing campaign (rather invasion) for American ‘Oreo’ biscuits….

I thought I would warn you!

There was a legal suit in 2003 about the fat content of them. However, apparently they have slightly altered that.

Now.. Jaffa Cakes (the name came from Jaffa in Israel) are British and they’re a lot more healthy, with less fat than these Oreos.. ‘whatever that means’.


Another English Bakery Blog I like April 16, 2008

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This is great reading.. all about the origins of Chelsea Buns


Kentish Kipper Savoury, a quick snack April 15, 2008

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I made this one today because ‘it was quicky and easy to make’. I have to admit I burned a couple because ‘I was on the phone’ and forgot about them, but fortunately, they were still edible, just shrivelled and crispy.

Here’s the recipe:

For 1

2 kippers

2oz butter

1 dessertsp anchovy essence

1 generous tablesp mushroom ketchup

2 tablesp double cream

1 tablesp flaked almonds

2 tablesp dry herbs

black pepper to taste

2 slices wholemeal bread

Pound the flesh of the kippers with a fork, together with the butter, black pepper, anchovy, herbs, mushoom ketchup and double cream or mix in a blender.  Add the flaked almonds. Spread on wholemeal bread and stick in the grill for about 10 minutes until it is lightly brown (do not go on the phone like I did). Then I added fresh parsley to garnish.


I didn’t use anchovy or the mushroom ketchup as I thought the taste would be just as good without it. It also meant an extra £2 or so. The meal was about £5 mainly because of the fish but maybe Lidl has cheaper fish and I will have a look out for that. 


Very nice and the almonds looked great and made it look attractive and ‘ homemadey’.

We don’t see much of kippers much these days do we?


Another blog I will add to my blogroll

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I will add enitharmon.wordpress.com to my blogroll as she is a fan of English Grub and talks about english cooking in her blog (amongst other things). She is from ‘Oop North’ and is a ‘Radio Star’.

(Even though she admits to liking French Jams). (I am can be so politically incorrect in cooking).



English Cream Tea with Strawberry Jam (from France) April 14, 2008

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After work in Kent, I enjoyed a delicious ‘Waitrose’ Cream Tea for £2.95 (well, it was either doughnuts and muffins again). Actually, perhaps other people were asking about it as I feel this addition was fairly recent. It was interesting seeing that a number of other customers were buying it too.

The scones were lovely and fresh (do they make it themselves?) and the cream was real Cornish Clotted Cream. However, they made a ‘faux pas’ by serving ‘French’ strawberry jam (it even had no lumpy bits!). Why can’t they have chosen ‘proper’ jam?!